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About: I MAKE in my sleep. I MAKE for keeps. I MAKE I MAKE I MAKE creative me. has a "Be Nice" policy which is good advice for general, everyday living. As a community we create the majority of content that you see on this site. There are so many skill levels represented here, from the basic beginner to the mad scientist, that you will see a ton of variations in form and layout. Providing advice and praise is essential to the evolution of D.I.Y. culture and being nice is a crucial element in encouraging others to continue their work.

While I am not instructing you to be nice, I would like to share with you some images I created to help spread the love. Feel free to download these images and share them as you please. I have also provided several simple templates (in jpeg and PSD) to allow you to create your own images. You can also use these images to create patches to share with others. (LINK) Square Images for patches work best, btw.

The Be Nice policy can be found HERE, just scroll down to #4.

Please share your thoughts or images you would like to share in the comment section below.

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Step 1: Images to Share

Here are a few images that you can share in the comment section or Orange Board of other member's pages. I will continue to add photos as I create more or add images you have created, if you wish to share them.

Step 2: Templates

The templates I have provided were pulled off of and the interwebs. I have uploaded PSD and jpeg images to get you started if you wish to create your own images.


  • Speech Bubbles - These were found with a Google search.
  • Instructables Robot - Scroll to the bottom of the jobs page to view the robot.
  • Photoshop or editing software of your choice.
  • Imagination - you will need to provide this. Haha.

There are many tutorials on creating images with photoshop here on Instructables. Below are a few I found useful.

Have fun and remember to be nice.

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    3 years ago

    Download a virus!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I'm also very glad someone wrote this. It's very sad to say that we, as a sharing community, should have to be reminded of this, but we do. Thanks for the images too. Destructive comments don't do anyone any good ... ever.


    5 years ago

    I really am glad someone wrote this instructable. I cannot thibk of any inappropriate comments, , but periodically we all need to be reminded.

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    Does one of those say "subcribing" instead of "subscribing"? Thanks for this instructable, before this I somehow missed the "add images" button and never realized you could add images to comments.