Bench Grinder Stand Portable

Introduction: Bench Grinder Stand Portable

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I needed somewhere to put my bench grinders, thought I'd better make a stand for them. Being tight for space in my shed, I made it relocatable rather than bolting it to the floor.

I had these few materials laying around so it cost me nothing to make, only some time.

I had 2 grinders that needed a home but you can easily make this for only one.

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Step 1: How to and What You'll Need


-Old car rim with tyre

-I used 75x75 gal for the post but the dimensions aren't all that important as long as it is reasonably heavy.

-I used 75x50 to bolt the grinders up to rather than a plate.

-A few bolts and Nyloc nuts to hold the grinder down


  • Angle Grinder
  • Welder
  • Drill and Bits
  • Socket Set or Rattle Gun and Sockets


  1. Lay your car wheel on the ground and then place the length of steel for the main post in it's centre and mark an ergonomically correct height to cut it off at. Go ahead and cut that off with the angle grinder.
  2. Take the centre post you have cut and weld that upright into the centre of the wheel. I have welded onto an old hub that was still in the wheel just because I saw no reason to remove it. It is just more ballast.
  3. Drill your holes for the grinder(s) to bolt up to in the top sections of steel. I am providing no measurements for these as they will depend entirely on the size of what you are bolting up. Just keep in mind that you want to keep the centre of mass, as close to the stand's core as possible in the interest of stability, so keep your top bracket as small as possible.
  4. Weld the top bracket to the centre post.
  5. Bolt the grinder(s) down using the bolts and nyloc nuts.

Thanks for having a look at my Instructable!

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