Best Peppermint Patties Ever





Introduction: Best Peppermint Patties Ever

Step 1: Gather and Prepare Your Ingredients

Step 2: Prepare Your Candy Sheet.

Step 3: Prepare Chocolate Coating.

Step 4: Dip Patties in Dark Chocolate and Return to Covered Cookie Sheet.

Step 5: Let Patties Harden Before Eating. Enjoy!!!



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    I made these and they are excellent. I ended up with 49 patties. I used two 220 gram chocolate bars (about 15 & 1/2 ounces) and had a little chocolate left over. I will be making these for Mother's day gifts. The chocolate set very firmly, so there was no need to refrigerate them.


    For some reason I can't see the ingredients or the instructions. All I see are the headings to the steps and the pictures. I would very much like to make these so if someone could message back with the instructions and ingredients list that would be much appreciated. Thank you!

    Hello, for some reason I cant find the actual INSTRUCTIONS for this thing... Its just five pictures and the headlines of the steps. No recipe, no anything, really. and no matter what i do, I cant seem to be able to get the recipe to show up. I have used this one before and it was absolutely amazing, but that was almost a year ago and i cant seem to be able to recall how to do it properly. Please help.

    Thanks for this instructable! I tried this tonight. Here's what I learned. I had to use 3.5 tsp of peppermint extract to get the pepperminty taste I preferred instead of the 2.5 tsp. Also, I had to add an extra 1/4 cup of evaporated milk. Otherwise, the mixture was too dry to work with. I think next time I'll use just 1 lb of powdered sugar and I think everything else will balance out. Also, I had trouble dipping my patties into the chocolate because they would instantly soften from their frozen state into an unmanageable goo. My wife suggested I brush the chocolate on and that worked well. Thanks again for this awesome recipe!

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    You're welcome. You may want to try adding just a little more milk at a time. You want the mixture to be very firm. If it is thinner, it is much more difficult to dip them in the chocolate before they melt. The more practice you have, the easier it will be to dip them.

    You just made me a happy woman! These look easy AND delicious! Plus you know what is in them! If I wasn't missing the milk, I would try them this second!

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    "Combine" was the hardest step. A pasty mixer works well. A wooden spoon does not.

    I started making 1" balls, saw I might get only 20, so switched to 1 oz. balls (digital kitchen scale!) and made 27. They looked big when flattened, so I cut them in half after freezing to make 54 instead. Smaller patties means more surface. That, plus my generous dipping, meant adding more chocolate.

    Next time, I might roll the mix out flat and cut it into squares for better size control.

    peppermint patties.jpg
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    I just mixed the ingredients with a fork - just rolled out balls by hand and flattened them on the cookie sheet. Hope they turned out well!

    About how many does this make? I think I see 20 on your sheet, but there could be another row out of the picture.

    I'm drooling just looking at these. I can't eat a lot of commercial candy because of allergy issues, so I haven't had a peppermint patty in about twenty years.

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    Wow! These look great...what "tool" exactly are you using to dip these? I have visions of loosing multiple patties into the warm chocolate, perhaps a smallish slotted spoon?

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