Best Tomato Soup

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My previous recipe is a little tart for some tastes so I have developed this full flavour more rounded version

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Step 1: Ingredients

Always use the freshest, high quality ingredients. These photos show some end of season green and red tomatoes donated by my good friend Chris from his allotment.

Step 2: Preparing

Remove all the strings from the celery stalks and any tomato ends that you wouldnt eat raw. very thinly slice the onions and sautee in best butter. I prefer goats butter as it is creamier and a bit lighter. Drizzle good quality virgin olive oil over the tomato mix and plenty of fresh black pepper. The oven setting isnt critical it just needs a thorough roasting. The foil prevents too much charring.

Step 3: Oven and Hob Cooking

The tomatoes, red pepper and celery are roasted in the oven for about 90 mins on 160c covered with foil.

the onions are very thinly sliced and slowly sauteed with butter and a little olive oil in a covered pan

if both of these can be switched off an left until the next day, the soup is much improved.

combine the roasted ingredients with the onions and cook for a while.

add the stock and simmer, adding the passata too.

Step 4: Blitz and Sieve

completly blend the mixture then push it through a medium sieve to remove all skin, pips and fibres.

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