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Introduction: Bird Proof - Squirrel Feeder

Most back yard feeders focus on trying to keep squirrels away from the birdseed. I had the opposite problem. Every time that I would put peanuts out for the squirrels, the birds would quickly carry them all away. So I built this bird proof squirrel feeder.

Step 1: The Pieces

It was built from a 1x6 piece of wood (about 30 inches total), a wide mouth 2 quart jar, and two small metal hinges.

Step 2: Cutting the Wood

I cut a hole that the bottom of the jar would fit into near the end of the wood. I used the jar and a pencil to make a pattern for the hole. The hole was then cut out with a jigsaw. A curved wood file was used on the edges of the hole until the bottom of the jar would fit.

This piece was then cut off at 6 inches, and used as a template to center the next hole which would be cut for the top of the jar. Once that hole was cut, it was also cut off at a six inch length. Finally a third six inch piece of wood was cut to be used at the base, and an eleven inch piece was cut to be used for the back of the feeder.

Step 3: Building the Frame

The solid six inch base and the piece with the large hole were glued together to form the bottom of the feeder.

I pre-drilled five nail holes on the eleven inch piece that is used for the back. The bottom three nails will go into the solid piece. The top two nails will go into the piece with the large hole, and as such were placed close to the edge.

The base was glued and nailed to the back of the feeder.

Step 4: Adding the Hinged Top

I wanted the top of the feeder to be hinged, so the jar could easily be removed for cleaning. I attached the hinges to the top piece of wood first, and then let the wood rest on top of the jar while I attached the hinges to the back.

Here is the finished feeder. At this point it could be stained, varnished or painted. It can also just sit on the ground or be mounted upright on a fencepost.

Add some peanuts, and it is ready to go.

Step 5: Squirrels!

It didn’t take long for our first customer to arrive. It’s also fun to watch them through the glass jar.



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    17 Discussions

    Lucky for you that squirrels are not vengeful; sides squirrels like all kinds of nuts. ;)

    Sending to a friend who is upset that the Blue Jays eat all the peanuts before the squirrels can get to them. Thanks for realizing that most people like to see all the birds and animals get their fair share.

    I love it! The blue jays , junco's and starlings have taken 80% of my squirrels food this winter. I have tried everything to keep the birds away. $20 of walnuts a week were being eaten by birds. Much too expensive for me to handle. I haven't found a bird yet, that won't take a walnut.birds can fly all over town for food, but my squirrels are stuck in a small area looking for food.
    Thank you

    That's a great (and totally unexpected) idea, and the pictures are terribly cute! Does this feeder bring in any other visitors (skunks, raccoons, etc.)? Also, have you had any issues with rain getting into it, or do you not leave it outside? Lastly, I wonder if it might be deep enough to accidentally trap a chipmunk, ground squirrel, or other smaller rodent—do you have any such creatures where you live?

    1 reply

    Hello, Thank you for your comment on the squirrel feeder. We live in town, and so far I have never seen any raccoons skunks or even chipmunks near any of our feeders, although we do have rabbits that pick up scraps under the birdfeeder.

    This feeder does stay outside, and a coat of varnish protects the wood. The glass jar does hold rainwater, but the hinged top allows it to be easily emptied and cleaned.

    Thanks again for looking at this instructable.

    I would like to thank everyone for the compliments. I stained and varnished the wood to help the feeder withstand the elements. I think it looks better. I also moved it onto a shelf at the corner of the patio, instead of just sitting on the ground under the birdfeeders.


    Excellent pictures!... tks for sharing...

    I love this! We put out nuts for the squirrels because it's been by far the best way to get them to ignore our garden. Unfortunately, half the time the birds get them first, even though they have their own feeder. I'm definitely going to put something like this together for our yard.

    1 reply

    I’m glad that you like the idea! You may be able to use a one quart jar... It would be easier to find, and the birds should still not be able to reach the peanuts.
    We used the two quart jar just because we enjoy watching the squirrels, and they have to reach a little farther.

    Lucky for you no one's forcing you to shower food and affection on them, then. What was the point of coming here just to say that?

    So if you put this in a yard with a bird feeder, do you think the squirrels would bother with the bird feeder or stick to their own?

    1 reply

    I’ve had two bird feeders right above this site for a long

    The squirrels have never gotten into
    the feeders, but they do clean up whatever the birds drop.

    Tetra28, the only pest here is you.

    This is a great idea, think I may have to give it a go. Nice one!

    hahaha nice one bird proof