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Introduction: Birthday Card Tutorial

Let's create a greeting card to surprise your loved ones!

To create this greeting card you will need a Photoshop and few things from the Creative Market.

To purchase graphics that you will use, please, click links below:

15 Vector textures by Kelly Reed

3 colors badges by Webvilla

Vigneta Typeface by ilhamherry

Step 1: Install Font

Before you open the Photoshop you will need to install Vigneta font to your computer.

Vigneta font you can get here:

Vigneta Typeface

If you use the Mac you will just need to double click on the file you downloaded and choose Install Font. If you use another operating system it's a bit more complicated. You will need to copy the font file into the fonts folder on your computer (please use the google if you need some help on how to install a new font with your operating system).

Step 2: Create a New Photoshop File

To create a new Photoshop file you will need to open the Photoshop and goFile > New...

After you do that you will get a window where you need to choose your greeting card size. You can enter size in millimetres or pixels. I choosed millimetres. If you want to print a big greeting card I would recommend to set the resolution to 300 otherwise you can leave it at 72 pixels.

Step 3: Define Pattern...

Now you need to find the pattern you will use.

You can get the pattern here:

15 Vector Textures

I used the third texture (Folder: Textures3). Open the png file in Photoshop, go Edit > Define Pattern..., name that pattern as you wish and click OK.

Step 4: Pattern Overlay

Now go back to the file you created before. You will need to do Pattern Overlay on the layer you have there.

Double click on the layer you have and click OK. Double click again on the same layer and you will get the window where you need to select Pattern Overlay function. After you do that you will be able to set the pattern. Click on the pattern image and choose the pattern you just created in the previous step (It will be the last one). You will see a change. Then click once again on the pattern image (same place where you clicked before) and then set the Scale at the 5% and Opacity at the 20 %, click OK.

Step 5: Cut the Badges

Now you can cut out the badges that you will need for this greeting card design.

To get badges click here:

3 colors badges

Open any color badges png file into the Photoshop. Choose the Crop Tool, crop and drag (using Move Tool) badge to the window where you are creating this greeting card.

Now you will need to set the color of the badges. Double click on any of the badges layer, select Color Overlay click on the color and set the color you want (do this with all the badges). I used #f26d7d and #555555 colors.

To rotate the badges you need to select it and move your cursor outside the bounding border (it becomes a curved, two-sided arrow), and then click and drag.

Step 6: Add the Text

Now you can add all the text using Text tool. Click on the Text tool choose the Vigneta font click on the place where you want to insert the text and type the text. After you type each text you can select the Move tool and put the text where it should be. Do the same with all the words.

Settings I used for the words:

happy - color #ffffff, size: 72pt;

Birthday - color #555555, size: 165pt;

"star symbol" - color #555555, size: 250pt;

To - color #ffffff, size: 60pt;

awesome - color #555555, size: 110pt. For this word I used the tracking. Set the tracking at the 10 on Character settings tool;

Spectacular - color #f26d7d, size: 115pt. Set the tracking at the 50;

super - color #ffffff, size: 72pt;

Cool - color #555555, size: 150pt. Set the tracking at the 50;

sister - color #ffffff, size: 90pt. Set the tracking at the 50;

Step 7: You Are Done!


You just created your greeting card.

You can re-use this design by changing the colors and dedication to anything you can think of.

Good luck!

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