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Introduction: Blender Render in Photoshop

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in this Instructable I will show you the steps that I took in order to create the rendering of a blender in Photoshop.

Note: I did all of this with a mouse, no fancy tablets or anything.

Step 1: Drawing From Reference

Starting off with an original drawing done by yourself rather than a image you do not own makes for a more personal finished piece. I just did mine on paper with a pen, then scanned it in to Photoshop.

Step 2: Trace Sections

using the brush tool I roughly traced all the sections of the blender, then cleaned up the edges with the Eraser and while using polygonal lasso tool as a guide to get accurate lines. I also added an opacity to the glass section.

Step 3: Adding Highlights and Shade

Using the original image as a reference I started adding simple highlights and shading with the Brush tool and polygonal lasso, taking advantage of the adjustable hardness, flow and opacity on the brush to achieve different effects. If you look closely at it everything consists of very simple shapes, a lot of the lines used on the glass are just duplicates of each other.

Step 4: Finer Detail

I then went into some finer detail to make the glass a little more realistic

Note: the inner part at the bottom of the jug achieves a realistic appearance very well, just from my use of random shapes and colors.

Step 5: Badge

Using the Marquee tool and polygonal lasso as guides use the brush tool to slowly build up the shapes going more and more into detail each step. To get the lettering i just used the type tool.

Step 6: Shadow & Background

I then added a shadow underneath and a background to put it in some context.

And Voila! Complete!

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