Build a DreamMachine!

The school of Zottegem has designed their own dream machine. This is a huge robot that helps to fight their fights within the group. We are here to realize their dream , called Blueman.
The last picture is a photo of the students who made up the robot.
The others are an elaboration of how the base of the pack will look like.

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Step 1: Necessities

-Aluminium plates of 1.5mm and 2mm
-Aluminium tube of diameter 80mm by a length of 600mm
-Nuts and Bolts
-High density PU-Foam
-Rubber Bands
-Measure tools

-Aluminium scissors
-Bending machine
-Cutting machine
-Welding machine

Step 2: Making of the Feet

To create the feeling that you are in the shoes of Blueman, we have ensured that the experience is as realistic as possible. By using a hinge in the middle of the foot, it feels you walk like a robot.

The base is filled with high density polyurethane foam for a firm and strong feeling.

This is how you make it, WATCH OUT! This is for one foot .

- Start by cutting out the bottom and top of the foot ( 230mm / 350mm ) (fig. 1)
- At both, you attach a new plaque ( 230mm / 125mm ), from the front to the middle, 100mm (fig. 2)
- Now we have two pieces of PU foam necessary (230mm by 248mm by 125mm ) (fig. 3)
- Place the pieces of polyurethane foam against the middle plate
- Put one halve on the other an attach the hinge between the two halves

Step 3: Making of the Lower Part of the Leg

The second step is to make the lower part of the leg.

- You start by cutting out the sides, you will need two sides for one leg. (fig. 1)
- Then you cut out the front ( 230mm / 300mm) (fig. 2)
- Weld the sides on the top half of the foot
- The last step is to weld the front as reinforcement on a height of 125mm above the foot

Step 4: Making of the Upper Part of the Leg

The third step is to make the thigh.

- You start by cutting out the two sides. (fig. 1 = inside, fig. 2 = outside)
- Then you determine the pivot point of the knee.
- The hinge is secured with a nu and bolt, and washers as reinforcement.
- Now the two sides move apart and it is not really firm so we make a reinforcement
which connects them (fig. 3)
- As a final step we take some PU-foam with the length of the outeside leg and we attach it on the top
(Later, the upperbody will attach to this)

The legs are now finished!

Step 5: Making of the Upper Body

The upper body is not that difficult.

- You start with two identical pieces, 75mm wide and 750mm long (take a double layer each) (fig. 1)
- You bend the pieces at a length of 450mm around your shoulders
- Then you make a long piece of 75mm wide and a length of 1224mm. (fig. 2)
- Attach the two shorter pieces in the middle with a small angle in between.
- Then we make a stabilizer that holds the two shorter pieces togetherand makes it stronger. (fig. 3)
This is a trapezoid with sides 215mm and 275mm and a height of 425mm.
You hang this at a height of about 130mm

Step 6: Making the Shoulders

For the shoulder pieces we need a tougher form

- Cut out the shape of fig. 1, this is attached to the top of the schoulder
- Through this hole slides a tube where the armes will be attached to (fig. 2)

Step 7: Making of the Arms

- To make an arm , you need two beams.
One of 150mm by 150mm with a length of 500mm (weld fig.1 & 2 togheter)
And one 160mm by 160mm with a length of 500mm (weld fig.3 & 4 togheter)
- On the first beam you weld a plate with a hole of 50mm so the side is closed (fig. 5)
- On the second beam you weld a plate so the side is closed (fig. 6)
- Make holes in two opposite sides of each bar, it is the pivot point
- Provide some washers to fill the space when you insert the nuts and bolts for the pivot point

Step 8: Making of the Bolt Joint

We have created a homemade ball joint so you're not limited with the movements.

- Make two half square boxes without a top so when you put them togheter you get a full square box
- Make a ball with a bolt attached to
- In one of the small boxes, you make a hole, big enough for a bolt,
but not bog enough for the ball to get trough
- Put the ball inside the boxes and weld them together
- In the upper arm you just made, you cut a square hole in de side, with the side of the ball joint box.
- place the box inside the hole and weld it togheter so the bolt of the ball is facing towards the inside

Step 9: The End Result

the end result is a cool robot suit and a lot of happy faces!

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