Boat Docker



Each time we leave the cottage, we would drag the boat up on the grass or lift the boat onto the dock.

Step 1: The Build

Out of just scrap material laying around, a cold drink, and imagination, I started building with no real plans.
A 2x4 rail system 20" apart with 1"abs tubing on top to slide the boat on.
I used two bbq wheels and axle for the one roller.
2x4 supports going into the water and mud bottom, all held together with 3" screws.
Then I added a plywood catwalk.

Step 2: Pulling Up the Boat

With the bow boat rope in hand, walk out the catwalk and line up the boat keel with the rollers.
Pull the boat up the roller till it's lying on the abs then slide the rest of the way.
Climb in the boat and remove the drain plug so there are no worries about the boat filling with water.



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