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Introduction: Boat Shelf

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This is a remix instructable. It is based on my instructable A boat from a single 2x4

If you saw my boat, then you know it was covered with a ugly plastic bag.

As a boat it was not really good but I like the construction therefore I decided to make a shelf for my towels.

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Step 1: Built a Boat From a 2x4

please watch the video or have a look to my instructable

Step 2: Remove the Cover and the Seat

The cover was fixed with Duck-tape and it was not difficult to remove it. But it was a lot of work to clean all the glue rests with alcohol. I also removed the seat just with a hammer.

Step 3: Adding Feet

The feet are only three wooden blocks I screwed on.

Step 4: Adding Cross Bars

I placed a piece of wood above one section and made a line with a pencil. Then I cut it with a jigsaw

Step 5: Correcting Mistakes

Then I realized I cut it on the wrong side of the line. Therefore I added a little piece of wood to close the gap

Step 6: Adding a Middle Bar

The middle bar has a dado on one side. First I made this dado then I put the bar into the place. At this moment it was longer then necessary and it was easy to made a line on the front bar. Then I cut it, put it in place with wood glue and drilled a hole for a wooden dowel.

Step 7: Adding All the Other Pieces

This was the same procedure for every other piece. Put it in place under the existing construction, make a line,

cut it and glue it in place.

Step 8: The Result

I sanded it and added some layer of linseed oil.

It is not very strong but it is enough for towels.

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