Bottle Cap Necklaces and Magnets




Introduction: Bottle Cap Necklaces and Magnets

HI! I'm going to show you how to make a bottle cap into a pretty necklace or magnet.  These are relatively simple and easy to make.  It's also a great way to recycle bottle caps.  I get complements on mine all of the time. 

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Step 1: What You Need

What you need kind of depends on what you are making, a necklace or magnet. 
1. Bottle caps (surprise, surprise)
2. tiny pics, glitter, or what ever you want to put inside
3. glue
4. some sort of resin of whatever to put inside of the cap, diamond glaze works great!
5. rubber gloves
6.  stirring stick (my directions said i need ed 2 that made no sense)
7.  2 plastic cups (it would be smart to get them w/ the little measuring things)
8.  (if your cups don't have measuring things) something you could measure your resin in ( i used a milk cap)
9.  If your making a necklace you will need:
       A.ball chain or some sort of string or something to put your cap on
       B. some sort of clasp depending on what it's hanging on
       C. jump rings (the little rings that connect the cap to what its hanging on)
       D. pliers to do all that stuff with
10. If you are making a magnet you will need:
       A. a magnet to glue on the back
       B. a hot glue gun(with all of the sticks and stuff)

Step 2: Painting the Caps

You can get bottle caps @ a craft store or online but i just use ones around my house. I like recycling
: ).
 First you need to paint them. You could paint it white then paint over it but i usually just paint.  I've heard acrylic paint works fine but i actually use nail polish.  it looks shiny and i have some pretty fun colors. 

Step 3: Pictures

Now you need to find pictures.  You could go online, find some in magazines, or draw your own.  Try your hardest to get some that will fit in the cap nicely.  Trace around to bottom of the cap on a scrap piece of paper than use that over on all of your caps or trace straight on to the picture.  Now cut. 
Make sure they fit inside than glue w/ a tiny bit of glue.  You don't need a lot.  On 2 of mine i didn't glue them and when i poured the resin the pictures floated up to the top.  I just pushed them down w/ a toothpick and they were fine but its easier just to glue. 

If you are filling them w/ glitter pour in a little tacky glue and cover that w/ glitter.  I glued a little glitter over one picture and it looked really pretty.  Wait until all the glue is dry. 

Step 4: Resin Stuff

Now we are working w/ resin and chemical stuff so BE CAREFUL!  I used this resin stuff called Easy Cast, this stuff i bought @ Micheal's.  What you do is mix 2 equal amounts of chemically glue type stuff together and it dries clear and hard over your picture.  You could use something else but I'm going to tell you about what i did. 

First make sure you read the directions just in case!!!  OK now i will tell u what i did.  First put down the news paper on a flat surface and put your caps down but to close.  Now put on rubber gloves.  start by pouring in a certain amount of liquid from the 1st bottle.  I used a milk cap and poured 2 of those in and i had 6 bottle caps to fill.  Then pour in an equal amount (for me it was 2 milk caps) of the other liquid. Stir that for 2 min.   Then pour it all into the next cup and w/ a new stick stir for 1min.  I have no idea why you have to do this because i don't see why you would need 2 cups and 2 sticks it just makes no sense! (but i did  it anyway) After your done stirring pour into cap.  Be careful not to let it get to full and flow over because it sticks to the paper.  Then let it dry for 24-48 hours. 

The resin dries pretty good but i found a way i think i like better.  You can buy this stuff called diamond glaze.  Is like this glue stuff and it works just as well as the resin but it dries faster. The only problem is it uses a lot of glaze to fill the cap to the top (especially if you're thinking about  making more than one). And it sometimes makes images printed of the computer look different.

Step 5: Drill the Holes (for the Necklace Only)

When you use the drill be care full I had my dad do this cause i don't trust myself.  With a really tiny size drill thing drill a hole through the top of the bottle cap to the side. Don't drill directly down otherwise you won't be able to put the jump ring on.  Sand away the little sharp stuff you don't want.  now you can attach the jump ring with 2 pliers.   Remember don't pull the 2 ends of the jump ring away from each other, move the 2 sides in opposite directions.   Once that's done attach your ball chain and Wa-La! You have a beautiful necklace!!!

Step 6: Glue on the Magnets (for Magnets Only)

This step if fairly simple.  Let your glue gun heat up for a while.   While its heating you can stick your glue stick in the freezer it's supposed to get rid of the strings.  Once you've let it heat up put some glue on and stick on the magnet.  Wa-La! you now have a beautiful magnet!

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    instead of resin you should use poly urythene in their its cheaper and safer


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I think poly might make it yellowish.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    i actually bought a necklace just like one of these but it had the 7up logo in it(: they hammered it so it was flat instead of having the edges poking up, its one of my favorite necklaces(: