Build a Long Board From Reclaimed Pallets




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for around $30 bucks i made this sweet board from reclaimed pallet wood i used some cool tools but this could be done with a lot of elbow grease. hope you enjoy the build!

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Step 1: Gather What You Need

Step one is the easy part find the wood you want to use. I used pallet wood but these steps can be done with wood from any big box store or even scrap wood found around the house.

tools used

  • planer
  • clamps
  • tape measure
  • clamps
  • jointer
  • drill
  • nut drivers
  • sanders
  • table saw
  • paint brush
  • plastic scraper

Materials needed

  • wood
  • skateboard trucks
  • skateboard wheels
  • epoxy
  • Glue

Step 2: Lay Out

i used the jointer to get all the boards straight then cut them all down on the table saw to 1 inch thick i didnt worry about the width since i wanted to make it look unique. this step is where you let your artistic design flow. I tried to mismatch colors to get a good contrast.

Step 3: Glue

Don't skimp on the glue get all the wood covered to ensure good set up.

Step 4: Clamp Up

Clamp all the wood up as strait as possible.

Step 5: Cut Out the Design

trace design out on the wood use a jig saw cut out the design.

Step 6: Planer Time

i planed the heck out of this i ran it thru both side droping the blade each pass until the board was smooth on both sides

Step 7: Sand

sand all the edges to get the shape you want take your time and make it symmetrical.

Step 8: Route the Edges

Use a 3/8 round over bit on the router table and rout all the edges both top and bottom.

Step 9: Fill Holes

use epoxy and wood flower make a paste up the thickness of peanut butter and fill in all the imperfections.

Step 10: Sand

using the orbital sander sand it all down with 120 grit sand paper, again take your time and go over it twice this is where you make it look perfect.

Step 11: Epoxy

mix epoxy and cover the entire board with a light coat making sure to catch all the drips.

Step 12: Drill Truck Holes

find the center line of the board and place the truck strait mark all the holes and drill out the hole using a drill or a drill press. use a counter sink bit to allow the screws to be flush with the deck.

Step 13: Add Grip Tape and Test It Out

this has to be the best step i place the grip tape in strips to allow the wood to show thru a little

Step 14: Please Go to Youtube and Watch My Video

Step 15:

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    1 year ago

    Grip tape


    1 year ago on Step 13

    Nicely done and great instructions. I would suggest planing before cutting out the pattern though. 1) If there's any snipe from the planer it'll be on the ends -- which will probably get cut off. 2) much easier to draw/trace/cut the pattern on a flat surface.

    Also, since it's being made with scraps of wood, you can cut out imperfections rather than fill them later. It doesn't matter if you have butt joints in the strips, as long as there's no joint nearby on the strips on either side.

    Again though, nice job!

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    I cut it out first cause the wood was really bent on the ends