Build Your Own "Indoor FogPonic Greenhouse"

Introduction: Build Your Own "Indoor FogPonic Greenhouse"

This Indoor Greenhouse will water itself with the fog its generates.

It is silent.

Cheap top maintain (leak free due to no hoses, pumps, etc)

Add nutrients into the water to feed the plant or just use normal water if you want to grow using earth. That's up to you.

The system has it's own light (with independent timer).


Step 1: Choose Greenhouse Pot, Light and Fog Generator

Step 2: Build Internal Pot Stand (to Keep Distance Between Internal Pot and Water)

Step 3: Fit Stand, Attach Light Source and Glue Clip to Hold Fog Generator in Place

Step 4: Add Stopper So Greenhouse Pot Don't Slide Down With the Weight of the Water

Step 5: Add Internal Pot (with Eg Steelwool, Clay Pellets...) (distance From Water Surface: 4cm) for Automation Add a Timer to the Light and Fog Generator for Optimal Results.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Very interesting! Have you successfully grown anything it it yet?


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Not in this one. I made one before for a proof of concept with same proportions. Worked quite well.