CAD IV Book Holder #HOWEST #D4E1 #IPO

Introduction: CAD IV Book Holder #HOWEST #D4E1 #IPO

The book support was originally designed for Cornelis. Cornelis is a young optimistic fellow, who is wheelchair bound due to suffering from muscular dystrophy. This causes his muscle power to gradually decrease and obliges him to lay flat at least 10 hours a day. Since he loves reading, he wanted a stable book support, so he could read in bed without physical effort. Besides this the model needing to be easy to transport or take along to a different environment, like the hospital.
The first versions were made after 8 visits to this specific user. From this version we were able to work to make more custom made designs by adjusting measurements: the reading distance (e.g. with or without pillow for support) and the width of the model (kid, average adult, very heavy adult or use in double bed). Additional iterations of the design also made this product easier to use. A hand grip made the model easier to hold and to handle because we made that area thinner. Because of this the user needs less power to pull the book support closer when he is lying down. We also simplified two parts and therefore made four parts obsolete to the construction. The model is now easy to make for people of all sizes, from big to small and thick to thin, and easier to construct.

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