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Introduction: Camping Hacks

I have a new style of instructable for me. I call it "Situational" Basically, an instructable. But that one causes a problem that can be fixed with another. I wont be doing a materials page, just read along.

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Step 1: Emergency Pillow

Say you forgot your pillow while camping. You will most likely have a resealable plastic bag for something. Just breath in it, seal it up, and lay your head down.

Step 2: Container Replacement

Okay, I have my pillow now. But where do I keep my sandwiches? Well, bring a tupperware container with you. It is more reliable than a bag, and can be stored easier.

Step 3: Soup Container

Okay, so now my sandwiches are safe, but what about my soup I had in there? Well, bring a gallon jug with you, and keep the soup in there. They are made for holding liquid, so your soup will be air tight.

Step 4: Cooking

Okay, I have a pillow, my sandwiches are safe, my soup is safe, but now I want my soup. What now? Well, I have a mess kit, an all in one plate, bowl, frying and sauce pan, and utensils. All you need is a fire to warm the soup up and eat. If you are a regular camper, you might have one. If you are just starting, get one that has a plate, bowl, and some utensils if you are just heating food up in something. If you use the fire method, get a metal one like I do, and I know your next question...

Step 5: Fire

How do I start a fire? Well, read the boy scout fire rules of safety first, then do this. Get some tinder (No, not the app) like some twigs, dry grass, 1 or 2 dry leaves, paper, anything like that, and get some wood too. Build a pyramid or square shape with the wood and put the tinder in the middle. Get flint and steel, matches, lighter, or any thing like that and start to light it and try to catch the wood on fire. Once you do, keep adding bigger wood. When the fire catches, start cooking.

Step 6: Done

Well, there's some hacks to help you with camping. I hope they help.

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