Captive Marble Beaded Bracelet

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This bracelet was created using the tubular netting technique, and freeform netting around a marble bead to "capture" it .

Materials used were seed beads, cylinder silver beads, a marble (or really large bead: mine was 5/8"), beading thread, bead caps, wire for the wire-wrapped loops, a few jumprings and a lobster clasp.

I've included photos to teach you a bit about how to work the tubular netting stitch, using two different coloured beads, and then the final netting I used to capture the marble. I unfortunately don't have as many pictures of this as I'd hoped, since I was testing many ideas before coming up with this final design, so I'll give as much detail as much as possible.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I love the tubular netting technique - I think a whole bracelet done in that particular technique would be really pretty, especially with the wire inside. Great job!