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Introduction: Caramel & Chocolate Tart Cake

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his recipe was inspired by a brownie recipe I saw online not too long ago. I hope you like it. 

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Step 1: Ingredients

 1 box Chocolate Cake Mix (18.25 oz)
4 ounces chopped Almonds
1 cup Evaporated Milk
1/2 cup Butter or Margarine, melted
8 ounces of Caramel Candy
4 ounces Chocolate Covered Peanuts

Step 2: Prepare the Caramel Filling

-Chop the chocolate covered peanuts and the almonds, then set aside.

-I used the type of caramel candy that comes with a cream center. You can use anything you like.

-In a small sauce pan, melt the caramel candy with 1/2 of the evaporated milk. Over low heat, mixing with a spoon regularly.

Retire from the heat as soon as the caramel melts. Continue incorporating with a whisk.

Step 3: Prepare the Cake Mix

Meanwhile, Pour the boxed cake mix into a bowl

-Add the chopped almonds, chocolate covered peanuts, butter and the rest of the evaporated milk.

-Butter a big tart pan. I used a ceramic, 11 inch baking dish, about 2 inches tall. 

-Pour some half of the cake mix. You'll need to use your hands. Wet your hands before touching the mix so it doesn't stick to your hands.

-Pour the melted caramel mixture.

-Pour the rest of the mix. Again, it's easier if you use your hands. you could also spoon the mix into the dish.

-Bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Let it rest for 10 minutes before digging in.

I hope you enjoy the tart (or cake). Remember you can see more recipes and detailed instructions on my website:

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