Cardboard Box Speaker

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Intro: Cardboard Box Speaker

Ever see some cardboard boxes lying around and think, 'stupid cardboard boxes, good-for-nothing cardboard boxes.'? And ever think that you need a speaker but can't be bothered to go buy one? Well think again! Here in this Instructable, it solves those two thoughts... In one! Just a few things you will need...
Duct Tape
A cardboard box (any size depending on how big your device is)

Step 1: Fixing Up the Box

Get you box and seal it up completely with the duct tape. Repair any rips, bend the dents straight, and make sure no air can escape. Do not cover the entire box in duct tape.

Step 2: Cutting Out the Holes

Use the scissors to cut a slit in the top, the length of the bottom of your device you wish to use for the music. Poke holes in the front of the box in a circle configuration using a pencil. If you go nuts on the holes and rip it somehow, all the better. It'll project your sound even further.

Step 3: Decorations and Testing

If you like you can add paint, stickers, or whatever you like to make it look interesting. Time to test!
Stick the side that makes the music into the preferred slot, and pump up the beat. If it sags back, as I said, all the better.
Happy making!
set2Xplode xo



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