Cardboard Laptop Stand




In this instructable I will show you how to make an awesome Laptop stand out of cardboard. Attached is the design I used, print it out and use it! (Note: This is my own design)

You will Need:

Cardboard - Shoe boxes work well
Pencil or Pen
Xacto Knife or a Razor
Glue for the cardboard
Something to cut on (A table works)
A Ruler

Step 1: Cutting Out Your Pieces

First Print out the design and trace it out onto some cardboard and cut out the cardboard. I suggest using a razor because they are a lot sharper than scissors and scissors can bend the cardboard. If the edges are rough you can sand them down with some sand paper.

Step 2: Gluing Your Pieces

Now, glue triangle pieces together so that they are double sided, then glue the notched pieces together in groups of two, In the end you should have 2 double sided triangle pieces and 4 double sided notched pieces.

Step 3: Piecing Together

Almost Done!
Now, slide your notched pieces together (you"ll have to look at the pictures for the rest) And lock the X you formed into the bottom notches on the triangle pieces, then lock the other X onto the top notches on the triangle pieces

Step 4: Finishing Touches

To finish your stand take the small un-notched pieces and glue them to the X's as seen in the picture, glue the "Smaller group" at the smaller side and the "Bigger group" at the taller end. Gluing these pieces will strengthen your structure. Now Your Done!!

Step 5: The Finished Product

Here are some pictures of what it looks like in the end, the best thing about this stand is you can take it apart for carrying around. Ask if you have any questions



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8 Discussions


9 years ago on Introduction

Great Idea. I like how it uses physical connections instead of glue or tape like some other instructables on this do to hold up my expensive machine.


9 years ago on Introduction

Thanks for posting this. I just finished constructing it and it works perfect (and yes I find typing on it very comfortable). Its lighter, smaller, and basically free compared to a store bought version. Great job!


9 years ago on Introduction

Nice instructable. This design would probably apply to a bunch of other materials, such as plywood, foam-core, or acrylic (now that would be fun (could embed LEDs)). And it's portable! You could make a box or some sort of case to stow them in on the way to their next destination. It would be really nice to have some sort of PDF template as opposed to just pictures. (I personally have no problem with that, but others might not have the image analysis know-how to figure out the dimensions. Besides, that allows for design variations) Currently I have my laptop standing on cardboard "feet" which are just stacked, taped-together, inch-high circles I taped to the real feet. I would seriously try this instructable if I didn't already have a bamboo laptops stand project planned. Also I like your guitars. The finish on both is awesome.