Cardboard Picture Frame

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Intro: Cardboard Picture Frame

This is a simple and easy project that is guaranteed to look awesome! All you need are a few basics: Scalpel, 8 cardboard strips, A 3.5"x3.5" cardboard square, A roll of duct tape, Ruler.

Step 1: Start to Weave the Design

Begin to weave the cardboard strips together in a grid. One over, one under. Once you have weaved together all the strips cover one side of the pattern in duct tape.

Step 2: Building the Frame

After completing one grid trim off any edges that are hanging off and weave the edges you cut off until you have lot of weaved cardboard. Using the side you originally duct taped, begin to shape the frame, taping more of the cardboard to the sides.

Step 3: Finishing the Frame

Once you have finished with the taping, flip the frame over to reveal the weaved pattern. You are now ready to insert your photo.

Step 4: Inserting the Photo

Using the square piece of cardboard tape the photo in the center. Tape the square piece of cardboard with your photo on it to the back of your frame using duct tape and VOILA, your frame is complete.



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