Carl's Turtle





Introduction: Carl's Turtle

As my name suggests i am a pyro, yes, I am. I also like origami. One day when i was trying to make a sumo wrestler i discovered how to make a turtle. This turtle is very simple. I would like to share my creation with everybody. So enjoy!
This actualy my first instructable.

MATERIALS: just a square piece of paper

Step 1: Getting Started

the pictures are in order.

1.fold the square in half, un fold the same except different direction, un fold

3. fold all corners toward the center, creating the blintz base

Step 2: Into the Middle

4. fold the top corners down
5. flip over,it should now look like a hexagon with the top point going away from you
6. fold the middle part towards the center making an even greater point at the top(look at the picture!)
7. reach behind and pull those two flaps out, again look at the picture
8. now fold the top most point down to (there should be a crease) the crease.

Step 3: More to the Turtle

9. fold down again, so there is 2 layers thick.

10. reach behind and pull the triangulare flap out, to make the head.

11. flip over.

13. pull the side flaps out

14. push the side flaps into the side pockets and squish it flat

Step 4: The End!

15. flip over and fold the two leg points up so the feet line up with the "v" under the turtles head.(look at the picture)

16. now fold back on itself to create legs.(hint:look at the picture)

17. fold the turtle straight down the center line.

18. flip over, and add this little detail to the behind by folding a little triangle and pushing it in.



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    15 Discussions


    very clear instructions. the combination of written and visual is perfect. the out of focus pictures did make it a little difficult, but for the most part the actual instructions cleared it up.

    This was a cool instructable. I think however, that with a video, it would be much clearer. Personally, being an origami buff, I had no trouble understanding it, but some of you wording is a little unclear. Thank you however, for being one of the only people on instructables who knows what a 'blintz base' is. It is not 'a square with an x in it', people. Ok, i'm done.

    how do you "pull the triangle out of the back"?????

    Thank you all it took me awhile to design it and iron out the creases(not with a real iron though)and i thank you all for comenting, and trying it out.

    *Many days after the previous message*

    I have made many of these turtles and named them all Carl out of respect. =P Keep up the good work.

    Your comments were looking empty so i thought i would go ahead and congratulate you on your cool instructable!

    AWESOME! My Fiancee loves turtles!... You just gave me a "Get-out-of-the-dog-house-free-card"