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Introduction: Chaos Die

We've all been there. On minute your on a 'roll,' the next you roll a 1. You think "game over," until you realize how improbable this situation is. You than grab your opponents die and as suspected, it's loaded. Now, you havge two options; stop playing the public domain game "pig," or make the die equivalent of a double pendulum. 

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Step 1: Materials

To build your Chaos Die you will need:
*super glue
*knife set
*sanding block
*paper and pencil
*tape measure
*caliper (optional)
*wood (I used a 0.923 X 0.644 X 91.440cm piece of balsa)
*6 rubber bands
*aluminum foil
* Pam cooking spray
*1 flash card

Step 2: Calculating Main Side Length

1. add the length of the wood and 6 times the wood's width

2. divide by 12

* x = (L + 6w)/12

my length is 8.082cm

Step 3: Calculating Subside Length

1. subtract the wood's width from the main side length

2. divide by 2

* y = (x - w) / 2

my length is 3.58cm

Step 4: Marking Wood for Main Sides

Make 6 marks on the wood. One ever length of the main side. 

Step 5: Cutting Main Sides

Cut the wood at the marks you made.

Step 6: Marking Wood for Subsides

Make 11 marks on the wood. One ever length of the subside. 

Step 7: Cutting Subsides

Cut the wood at the marks you made.

Step 8: Sanding

Sand off the burrs left from cutting if you have any and flatten all ends of the wood.

Step 9: Centering

Using a ruler or subside, mark on each main side where the edge of the subside will be glued.

Step 10: Glue Prep

Spray a piece of aluminum foil with the cooking spray. This step insures a delicious golden brown color. However, It's mostly for keeping the super glue from bonding to the foil.

Step 11: Gluing Sides

1. place a drop of super glue at the end of one subside

2. align main side and subside with hex wrench.

3. repeat on other side

4. once the glue has set, place them on a drying rack or off to the side

5. repeat for each main side

Step 12: Adding Rubber Bands to Sides

wrap rubber band around side assembly

1. place one part of the rubber band on one end of the assembly

2. pull the end of the rubber band opposite to where it's already on the assembly to the opposite side of the assembly

3. pull middles to their respective sides of the assembly

Step 13: Layout for Gluing

place 5 of the assemblies onto the the foil, you may need to respray it.

Step 14: Gluing Sides Together 1

glue where assemblies touch in picture.

Step 15: Gluing Sides Together 2

glue where assemblies touch in picture.

Step 16: Gluing Sides Together 3

glue where assemblies touch in picture.

Step 17: Gluing Sides Together 4

glue where assemblies touch in picture.

Step 18: Gluing Sides Together 5

glue where assemblies touch in picture.

Step 19: Curing

before you start playing basketball with your die, let the glue cure!

Step 20: Filling Out Labels

1. divide the flash card into 6 pieces

2. draw the sides of the die

Step 21: Cut Out Labels

Cut the card at its divisions

Step 22: Glue on Labels

glue sides onto your die.

I used a die to get the placement correct.

Step 23: Enjoy

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    2 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    That length was derived, sorry for not rounding off. That has corrected with the right number of sign.figs. along with all the others.

    I don't have a ruler that can measure with that precision. I do have a caliper that can measure thousandths of a millimeter. Where I bought it was Lowe's.

    As for the "tensegrity" idea, I think you gave me my next instructable. I hope you don't mind.

    Text instructions were added, along with a few extra steps to help with the flow.

    Thank you very much for critiquing my instructable. please feel free to comment If there is anything else.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    "my length is 3.57925cm"

    Wow! Where did you get a ruler that measures down to one ten-thousandth of a millimetre??

    Could you not "tie" the whole thing together by wrapping rubber bands around at angles etc? Think "tensegrity".

    Also, a few text instructions would help.