Chess Platforms for King of the Hill

Introduction: Chess Platforms for King of the Hill

When using a CAD program, we prefer to use OnShape but you can use whatever you want as long as it can work in conjunction with the laser cutter. Doing the projects in different part studios, you should be making two 8x8 pieces of cardboard, four 8x2 pieces, and five 4x4 pieces. By doing this you should be able to create both platforms, gluing the pieces together with super glue.

Step 1: Construct the Boxes and Place the Hummingbird Inside

After we have created both platforms and glued them together, you should create a 4x4 hole on the bottom and top of the larger box. If you would like, you may also do this step before gluing them together, but it is a matter of choice. Your smaller box at this point should be able top fit inside the larger box and you should have a cozy fit for the boxes. Then, add the Hummingbird to the inside of the smaller box and make sure to have two small holes for both the motion sensor and the light. Finally, you should make a small hole in the side of the larger box for the black cord of the Hummingbird.

Step 2: Spray Painting

Remove the hummingbird and circuitry from under the platform. Using whatever color of spray paint you want, cover the platforms with a thin layer of paint and let it dry. Be sure to keep the color consistent and don't allow the paint drip.

Step 3: Creating the Coding for the Flashing Light

Using Snap, a software compadible with the Hummingbird, concoct some lines of code to cause the light to flash. While there are literally infinitive ways to create code for a flashing light, we recommend you keep the coding simple and effective. Our code utilizes a motion sensor to activate the light, and we feel this an easy way to code, as it only takes about 10 lines.

Step 4: Begin This Project by Gathering the Necessary Materials.

You will need:
5 4x4 Cardboard Pieces
4 8x2 Cardboard Pieces
2 8x8 Cardboard Pieces
Spray paint color of your choice
A complete chess set
A Hummingbird Circuitry Set
Your preferred 3D printing program (OnShape was our choice)
A laser cutter.

Step 5: The Final Product

We hope you enjoyed making this project. This platform can be used to play King of the Hill, an interesting variant of chess in which both players try to get their king to the center. Additionally, it can be used to make player over the board chess a bit more interesting. Lastly, if you liked this project, don't forget to share it with your friends.

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    Interesting. I have never seen this variation on chess. I am going to try this out.