Chocolate Sauce Ice Cream! (m&m Icecreams Sister)



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Step 1:

Mmmmm. This recipe is as easy as m n m icecream... And so delicious! So let's hop in! You will need: Chocolate syrup/sauce. (Hershey's works best) Vanilla icecream Sprinkles are optinal:).

Step 2:

First scoop however many scoops of vanilla ice cream into your bowl.

Step 3:

Now, add chocolate syrup.

Step 4:

Now, sprinkles and candy are optinal! Woooooah! FUN!! I hope you enjoy! Look at more of my instructables to make your own chocolate sauce:) thnx TIPS: to make chocolate Ice cream, pour lots of chocolate sauce in vanilla icecream and stir! I hope you like both recipies:) EmeraldRox



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