Chroma Key on Your Android Phone/Tablet

Introduction: Chroma Key on Your Android Phone/Tablet

Easy steps to do Chroma Key (Green Screen/Blue Screen) straight from your Android tablet or Phone.

For this example, I have a digger toy that I have taken a snap of in front of a budget green screen. The steps will guide you through quickly removing the background, selecting a background and then panning and zooming the image to create something fun. Lastly, upload to Twitter to show off to your friends!

Green Screen Pro on Google Play:

Step 1: Load Green Screen Pro

Load up the Green Screen Pro App.

This is the default startup screen, and click on the 'Open Image' button highlighted above. This will take you to your phone gallery to select the image. Alternatively you can grab a snap directly from your camera.

Step 2: Adjust the Chroma Key Intensity

Using the slider on the right, find the Chroma Key intensity that you are happy with. A good result will have the background removed and nice edges around the image. You can always pinch and zoom the image to take a closer look.

When you are ready, press on the right arrow to proceed.

Step 3: Select a Background

The default background will load up automatically.

Click on the load background button, this will take you to a gallery of built-in backgrounds available in the App. If you have a downloaded background you would like to use, select the button above to grab a background from your Phone gallery.

Select the Desert background under Landscapes.

Step 4: Pan, Zoom and Rotate

Using gesture controls, click and drag the subject to the desired location.

You can also use pinch-to-zoom gestures to scale the subject to the desired size. Here I have made the digger smaller and dragged it slightly to the left.

Rotate the subject using the rotate control on the right hand panel. This is done by holding your finger on the control, and circling clockwise or counter-clockwise.

The digger is now climbing the dune!

Press on the right arrow to proceed.

Step 5: Share With Friends and Family

Share your creation on Twitter or Facebook, using the buttons on the right.

There is also a share button to bring up the standard Android sharing widget, or you can also save to your gallery.


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Thank you for this instructable!! I would have never figured out the steps correctly!!