Cleaning Pool Filters

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Super easy and cheap way to clean your pool filters

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Step 1: Step 1 Save Your Old Noodles From the Pool

I always hated to clean the pool filters because there such a pain in the butt. So I came up with easy cheap way to clean it with No money spent and it cleaned the filters in 1/3 of the time way better then the old fashion way.

So take an old or new Noodle and cut it to fit inside the filter. I found it's better to leave it a little longer at each end so it is easier to remove after.

Slide a pole through the noodle and hook the ends to something.

I used old milk crates because that's all I had at the time.

Then use the water to spray them out. A pressure sprayer would work the best.

Be even better if I knew how to add a motor to this as well.

I hope this helps you. take care and God Bless.

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    From my experience working at a pool store while it may seem easier and more effective to use high pressure water to clean the filter I wouldn't recommend it as the high pressure would loosen the fiber in the filter and in turn reduce its filtering capabilities. just use normal garden hose water pressure and it shouldn't take too long and your filter will last longer and work better

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    I tried that it took forever and time is Money. I buy new filters every year any ways. But the people behind me have 8 palm trees and all that seed crap is in my pool every day. But thanks for responding.