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Introduction: Coconut Headset

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    Ooo this is really cool. :D could you try and post an instructable on how you did it so that I can maybe make a pair of my own?

    The coconuts were sanded down and a clear coated. I am working on another project right now but chris.t.r below is making a pair. Thanks! : )

    Untill i do post and instructable though you're welcome to take a look at my first instructable it involves headphones as well

    Sorry i have been taking so long to finish mine they were almost done the coconuts looked perfect but then i cut one of them crooked and so they got pushed aside when school came around and because i was sad that i ruined them anyways i plan to buy a new coconut and redo the one side and hopefully post it as soon as possible.

    Where did you get the headstrap you used for it? Or was it just something you already had lying around?

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    The headset is from some inexpensive ear protection. I think they are: Peltor H6A/V Optime Noise Reduction Earmuff. I covered them in fabric. Later! : )

    Now. Second something. The....metal wirey bar parts in them, do they go straight through, or are the connected otherwise to something on the ends under the padded part of the strap?

    Hi. The wires go all the way through the head pad. The wires are spring steel and end in black plastic tubes with a "C" shaped hinge joint. Hope that helps! : )

    beautifully made I love the whole Gilligan's island look , do the coconuts add a echo effect to the speakers

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    Hey, i really liked the idea of the coconut headset, and i was just wondering how you put the string/rope around the audio cables.

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    Thanks! The cotton casing is drawstring cord bought at JoAnn Fabric. I simply pulled the center "guts" out, leaving just the casing. I sealed the ends with Super Glue to prevent fraying. Hint: before cutting for length, wrap cellophane tape around the circumference of the cord first then cut it. Credit for this idea goes to:

    This is one of the most craftsy-yet-functional projects I have seen. I MUST MAKE THIS! Did you use bamboo for the wood that covers the headphone jacks and all the other detailed pieces?