Coke Can Bluetooth Speakers !

Introduction: Coke Can Bluetooth Speakers !

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Wireless Speaker In a Coke Can ! Pretty Cool Huh !!! Today We're Going To Make a Bluetooth Speaker With a Coke Can Which Looks Pretty Nice & Sounds Very Good Too !!!

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Step 1: What You"ll Need !

Ok Guy's So Let's Turn Coke Can Into Bluetooth Speaker's ,For That We Will Need

1. PAM 8403 Audio Amplifier Board (1$)

2. Usb Bluetooth Reciver (3$)

3. Power Bank (2$)

4. 3 Watt Speakers (4$)

5. TP4056 Lithium ion Charging Board (Optional If Power Bank Used )

And You Will Also Need Soldering Iron , Hot Glue Gun & Dremel Tool.

Step 2: First Step !

1. Firstly Empty Up Your Coke Can That's The Easiest Part

2. Calculate Your Speaker Diameter & Cut Hole Using Dremel Tool

3.Then Make A Square Cut-out To Access The Power Bank Circuit for Charging .

Step 3: Connecting Everything Together !

1. Now Connect a Standard 3.5 mm Audio Jack To The PAM 8403 Note The Direction of Left & Right Channel

2. Then It's Time To Connect Power Bank To The Speakers But it does not fit well so i decided to use 18650 battery holder& the power bank circuit .

3. Then connect an additional usb in parallel to power bank for the usb Bluetooth and to the PAM 8403

4. Connect Speakers at The Output of PAM 8403

5. Lastly Insert The 3.5 mm Audio Jack Into Bluetooth

Step 4: Finishing Touch !

1. We're Almost There , Use Hot Glue To Cover up The Circuits And Exposed terminals like the speaker wire make sure nothing will short accidentally

2. Finally Use Hot Glue to Attach Speakers At the Sides & Its Donee !

Step 5: How Does It Sounds ?

Well ,It sounds Really Nice Bass Is Good & It Can Easily Fill Medium Sized Room Without Distortion Here's How My Speakers Sound like

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    3 years ago

    That's so fun!