Control the Speed of Brushless DC Motor Using Arduino and Bluetooth Module(HC-05)


In this tutorial, we are going to control the speed of Brushless DC motor using Arduino UNO, Bluetooth Module(HC-05) and Android application for Bluetooth(Arduino Bluetooth Controller)

Step 1: Components

  1. Arduino Uno
  2. Bluetooth Module(HC-05)
  3. Lithium Polymer Battery(2200mAh 11.1V)
  4. Electronic Speed Controller(Simonk 30A)
  5. Brushless DC motor(A2212/10T 1400kV)
  6. Resistor(1K)
  7. Jumper wires
  8. Android Application:- Arduino Bluetooth Controller (

Step 2: Schematic

Step 3: Program

Step 4: Working

The circuit is assembled and the Bluetooth communication is established.

  1. In Bluetooth communication, one character is transferred at a time.
  2. Numerical digits (0 - 9) is transferred as a character from the Android application, one at a time.
  3. Android application(Arduino Bluetooth Controller) is to be used in terminal mode.
  4. The mapping of values is done to control the speed of the motor.
  5. The motor is in OFF state for numerical values "0" to "4".
  6. The motor is in running state for numerical values "5" to "9".
  7. The speed of the motor increases with increase in numerical value from "5" to "9".



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    4 Discussions


    Question 3 months ago on Step 4

    Hello, have some questions,

    1. which other type of battery can be used, if you do not have a lipo type?

    2. Could you use a dry battery from 12v to 3000mAh ??

    Thank you......

    1 answer

    Answer 3 months ago

    If you don't have a lipo(Rechargable) battery, use can use any type of battery but with the condition that it matches with the technical requirement of your burshless motor.

    If you go through the datasheet of BLDC motor(A2212/10T 1400Kv):-

    1.) Voltage(DC):- 8 - 12V

    2.) Current:- 11.9 - 20.6 A

    3.) Power:- 95.2 - 247.2 W

    These are the specifications that you will have to see while deciding for the Battery


    Question 6 months ago on Step 3


    Can you describe to me more?

    I dont understand why 0-4 not working, 5-9 working

    1 answer

    Answer 6 months ago

    it depends on the esc that you are using and the range that you define the esc to work.