Convert a CPU Fan Cable Into a Transistor Socket.

Intro: Convert a CPU Fan Cable Into a Transistor Socket.

Want to save your money from buying transistor or regulator sockets?
Well here’s how, you can convert a CPU fan cable into a transistor or regulator socket.
[Note] The cable holes are varying due to the CPU fan model. Usually the ordinary fans only have 3 holes.

Step 1; Cut the wires from the CPU FAN.
Step 2; Stick the transistor or regulator into the wholes.

Done !



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    2 Discussions

    I have used this trick several times, it works great. You can also cut down wider connectors to make them 3 pin, so save all those cons...


    5 years ago on Introduction

    oohh very smart, now you can make a modular circuit design. An other types of detachable components & connectors?