Introduction: Cookies

An easy recipe for chocolate chip cookies!

Step 1: Collect Ingredients

You need:
Two lots of 75g of self raising flour
100g of sugar
100g of butter
1tbsp of golden syrup
Chocolate chips (or other extras)

Step 2: Setting Oven

Pre-heat the oven to 180°.

Step 3: Start Mixing

Add sugar and butter to the bowl, then mix it. Then add golden syrup.

Step 4: Add More

Add the first 75g of felf raising flour and mix.

Step 5: Last Part to Mix

Add the last 75g of self raising flour.

Step 6: Baking

Place the mixture in 10-12+ blobs (not squashed) and put them in the oven for 12-15 minute.



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    2 Discussions

    Yum, chocolate chip are my favorite :) I've never made them with syrup before, we'll have to try it!

    1 reply

    Thank you for the lovely comment. I hope you enjoy them.