Coolest Homemade Wall E & Eve Costumes





Introduction: Coolest Homemade Wall E & Eve Costumes

This year we decided to dress up as Wall E & Eve after one of our favorite animated movies, Wall e.   We made our costumes out of recycled materials such as cardboard boxes, newspaper, blank CDs, 2 blue battery operated led lights, plastic plates and  cups.  See below for brief instructions on how we confectioned the costumes:

Wall e:  Wall e’s eyes, body and hands were made out of cardboard.  The cockroach was made of wire, card board and painted with acrylic paint.

Eve:  Eve’s head was made out of paper mache and the body and arms out of cardboard boxes.

Other materials used: acrylic paint, brushes, snap off blade, green sharpie (for green plant on Eve’s body) hot glue, black clothing, grey tape and black gloves (for Wall e’s hands).

Overall we spent approximately a month and a half confectioning these costumes.  We hope you like them… :)



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    How did you get the blue lights into the Eve head and how are Wall-E's eyes attached to the black fabric covering the face?

    We copied these costumes (sorry?) for my company's Disney-themed costume party last week and won the grand prize- a family trip to Disneyland! Thank you SO much for the idea!

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    The costumes look awesome!! :) Congrats on winning that trip.

    instructions please......

    WOW! Those are amazing costumes, pricanbeauty88!! You did a great job making such detailed costumes (with recycled materials, even better)! :D

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    Oh, these are wonderful - if only you had some details of the Make, photos and suchlike.

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