Copper Tie Clip




Introduction: Copper Tie Clip

Here I'm going to show you how to make a hammered copper tie clip. (Like my book mark project except a tie clip)

You will need:
Scap copper sheet metal
Needle nose pliers
Regular pliers

Step 1: The Copper

So, first and foremost you need an appropriately sized piece of copper. You need to remember that most tie clips go over 60-75% of the tie. Also, the part that doesn't go over the tie we will be bending to become the "clip" so don't make it too short. I couldn't really have a say in the length of the copper I used since it was just a piece of copper sheet metal I found but I suggest you make yours long than you need rather than shorter.

Step 2: Hammer It

Simply use a hammer of your choice and hammer the copper against a flat, hard, smooth surface to gain a textured look.

Step 3: Torch It

In this project heating it serves duel purposes.

1. It gives the tie clip more coloration.

And 2. Since we already worked the copper quite a bit with the hammering it will be getting more brittle so my heating it the copper will return to it's malleable state so that we can bend later without worry of breaking it.

How you do it is you take the torch (or other gas fed flame source) and apply the flame directly to the copper. Keep the flame there until you see color changes and at the point try to spread the color change through the rest of the metal. Once you feel like your done heating it submerge it in water. Repeat until you like the color. P.S. I'm very sorry but I cannot get a video of the process, I tried but couldn't manage.


Step 4: Size It

Place the scrap copper on the tie as shown and decide where you like how it looks. Then, draw a mark where the copper goes off the tie (you will later be bending here)

Step 5: Fold It

At the point where you made the mark simply fold the copper as shown. Be sure to have a gap for the tie to go into and make the very tip flare out so the tie doesn't get snagged.

Step 6: Done!

If you have any tips, suggestions, or anything, really, tell me in the comment section!



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    5 Discussions

    this would make you look like you are going to job interview homeless

    2 replies

    not if you made it out of sheet aluminium, didnt hammer it, didnt torch it and instead brushed it with a wire brush and then buffed it to a high shine.

    It still looks good either way, I don't think anyone would really care what it was made out of if they saw it during an interview.

    This is pretty. I'll be thinking of it next time I wear a tie...and probably wanting to make one.

    I like the look of this.

    Would be interesting to oxidize it in places. I've seen copper earrings oxidized, scratched and then lacquered to seal it in.