Decorating Corgi Cookies

Introduction: Decorating Corgi Cookies

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This is a tutorial on how to decorate corgi cookies. Start by rolling out cookie dough and then use a corgi cookie cutter (found here) to cut out your shapes.  The decorating tutorial starts on the next page.

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Step 1: Decorate Cookies

  • Create a muzzle out of a small ball of white fondant. 
  • Use a tooth pick to make a hole for a mouth and an indent down the middle.  
  • Make royal icing (I used this recipe) and dab some onto the bottom of the muzzle to attach it to the face.
  • Use a small ball of back fondant for the nose.
  • I attached pre-made candy eyes but you could also just make your own out of fondant or royal icing.
  • Use the royal icing to create the corgi's markings

Step 2: Enjoy

Wait for icing and fondant to harden before storing in an air tight container.  

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