Craft Foam Doll Wings

Introduction: Craft Foam Doll Wings

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How to make fairy wings for your 15-18" doll.

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Step 1: You Need:

Craft foam - I use butterfly-shaped, but you can cut square foam into your own shape

Glue - any glue but hot glue. I use Aleene's Tacky Glue

Ribbon - any variety, but I prefer a less-wide grosgrain

Hole punch - or something to make holes

Decoration - any; in this instructible, I used decorative flower on wire

Step 2: Make Holes

Using you hole punch, make holes in your layers of foam. I use two, but you could layer three if you want them a little thicker. Punch four holes in a rectangular pattern in the middle of the "inside" layer. I fold it in half (don't crease it), and punch two equidistant holes.

For this set, I punched one small hole in the center (again folding in half nd punching a "half-hole" in the center).

You could also cut a pattern in your "outside" layer at this time instead of simply attaching decoartion.

Step 3: Cut & String Ribbon Ties

Cut your ribbon. I cut them rather long, 1.5-2 feet each, but they only need to be long enough to tie around the body of your doll.

String your ribbon through the "inside" layer holes, crossing them.

In this set of wings, this is also when I attached the flower by pushing the wire through and laying flat.

Step 4: Glue

Time to glue!

I prefer to use a small paintbrush for even, edge-to-edge coverage. I also paint both sides.

***Do not use hot glue. It can melt and warp the craft foam.***

Step 5: Press Layers Together

Line them up, press together. Make sure your ribbon ties are pulled taut.

Step 6: Ta-Da!

If you are going to add other decorations, like buttons or glitter, this is the time. This set will have glitter added later.

Otherwise, once the glue is dry, you're done!

Step 7: To Attach to Doll

To put the wings on your doll, simply cross and tie on the front. You could tie them more like backpack straps but they don't stay on as well.

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