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Introduction: Cream Puffs

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These deliscious cream puffs are very easy to make and very fast . So if you want some candy quickly then this is the best choice. Its even the best for a forgotten birthday becouse its quick and has a never forgotten taste. Hope you like it , if yes , pls follow and ill bring more !!! ;) Oh and by the way if you keep them in a seeled box in room temperature then theyll last for even a month !

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Step 1: Ingredients

- 3 egg whites - 100 ml of sugar - some drops of lemon

Step 2: Mixing , Cooking , and Eating

Preheat the oven to 175 Celcius. Put the 3 egg whites in a smaller bowl , and mix with an electric mixer . Add the sugar and continue. After, add three drops of lemon into the mixture. Mix until the mixture doesnt fall out of the bowl if you tip it upside down. Then grease butter onto a baking tray , and with a spoon put equally sized pieces onto the baking tray. You should put them abaut 1 cm apart from eachother so they would not stick together. When finished, push the backing tray into the preheated oven . Cook for 10-15 minutes, then turn off the oven and leave it inside for another 10 minutes. Finally you may eat them or if wished to be keeped then store in a seeled box In room temperature. Enjoy! ;)

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    6 years ago

    aren't these meringue?


    7 years ago

    Thx a lot;)