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Introduction: DC7600 Media PC Upgrade

The DC7600 is a perfect size for a media PC.  It's about the size of an older DVD player (VCR).  I love the fact it has so many USB slots and easy-access audio ports.  The power supply is only 250w, so that'll have to be replaced.  The box I got also only had 1gb of Ram, which is also something to upgrade.  Because we'll want to hook it up through HDMI, we'll need a new video card (another reason for the power supply upgrade).  Also, while the 80gb drive is good enough to install an OS and stream media, we'll upgrade it by installing two 500gb drives.

I used the following tools:

1 Flathead Screwdriver
1 Phillips Screwdriver
1 Pair of Metal Snips
1 Single-hand Hack Saw
1 Hot-glue Gun

And I bought the following supplies:

1 DC7600 HP Slim PC
2 WD 500gb SATA Harddrives
1 SATA Cable
4 Crucial 240 Pin 1GB DDR2 Ram Chips CT12864AA667
1 GeForce G100 512Mb DDR2 DVI/HDMI Video Card Low Profile
1 20 to 24 Pin M/F ATX Power Converter Adapter Cable
1 Chiefmax MicroATX 450 PSM-CM-450W-24PIN Power Supply

I already had the drives, so this project cost me about $200.

Step 1: Remove Case Cover and Power Supply

Unscrew a screw located on the back and press the two tabs on the sides (clearly marked) to slide off the case cover.  The power supply swivels and pops out of the case easily.  Unhook all the power cables for now.

Step 2: Slide Up CD Drive Bay to Access HD

The CD drive bay slides up, giving you access to the SATA drive beneath it.  We'll need to remove the drive (after unhooking the power and SATA cable first).  The green piece on the side is a lever that you need to pull toward the CPU and then slide the drive toward the CD drive bay.  It snaps out easily.  I removed the cables going to the CD drive for now also.

Step 3: HD Comparison

This was a good drive back in the past, but nowadays we need lots more storage.  In this case, I had two 500gb drives (1TB) handy so that's what I'm using.

Step 4: Place New HDs

One HD goes where the original 80gb drive was and the other slides underneath the CD drive.  You can go ahead and hook up the cables back to all three drives.  This is where you'll need an extra SATA cable.

Step 5: Disassemble Old Power Supply

Disassemble the old power supply.  We'll need the casing to hold the new power supply.  Remove all screws and pull out the board, fan, and heatsink (basically the guts).  Remove the paper as well.

Step 6: Place New Power Supply in Old Enclosure

The new drive will just slide in the old case.  You'll need to trim away some metal, so get the metal snips handy.  There's just enough room for the cables to go around the old casing.  To avoid anything from sliding, take the hot-glue gun and lock down the supply along adjoined surfaces.

Step 7: Remove Case Metal to Fit New Power Supply

Remove the the serial port (with the |0|0| label) by unplugging it from the motherboard and unscrewing the connector from the case frame.  Take the hack saw and the metal snips and take down the metal to beneath where the serial started vertically.  Be sure to blow out any metal filings and be careful not to cut yourself on the edges.

Step 8: Check Power Supply Fit

Once done, take the new power supply in the old frame and make sure it fits to where the top is level (so that the case cover will go back on correctly).

Step 9: Hook Up Power Cables

Hook up the power supply cables to the drives and the board.  This is where you need the adapter, as the DC7600 motherboard has a mini-ATX plug and the 450w ATX power supply is too large.

Step 10: Install RAM

Make sure the ram is seated and tie back the cables to maximize the air flow.

Step 11: Install Video Card

Now you just need to add the video card.  This card is low profile, so it fits the case.  You'll have to remove the metal insert on the back of the case by first swiveling up the metal piece holding them all in.  Then you just slide the card in to the PCI-E slot.

Step 12: Replace Cover

Once the video card is in and well-seated, set the metal piece holding the tab down  and replace the PC cover.  You're done.

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    5 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I have not been able to get this mod to work due to the micro atx power supply adapter. I have purchased three of these and none of them work. I know my power supply and mother board are good. Any suggestions?


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I'm going to dual-boot Windows XP and Ubuntu (or some other Debian-based). I think there's also a bootable XMBC disk out there I was going to play with. Going to look into doing a DVR setup with MythTV or something. I'd like to add a PC fan that fits in a PCI slot if I can find a short one. I don't want the video card section heating up the case too much. I'm also swapping out the CD drive with a Bluray drive (going to use an IDE-Sata converter on the secondary HD and hook up the SATA cable to the Bluray player I suppose.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    wouldn't it have been easier to just move the guts of the new power supply into the old psu's case?


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    It was easier to just put the whole unit inside the other. Also safer I'm sure.