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Introduction: DIY $5.00 Sandblaster

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I have some rust on my driveway and some old rusty tools I got from my grandfather years ago.

I have been looking at sand and soda blasters for about 6 months. They are either inexpensive and cheap or very well made and expensive!

So I decided lets just make one.

Step 1: Get Crap

Go get some crap at Harbor Freight. This air gun kit ran $4.99.

Now find a bottle in the trash.

Step 2: Say "Hi" to the Cat

This optional but important step may be the difference between you succeeding or failing.

Step 3: Cut the Neck

Remove the locking neck for the cap.

Step 4: Drill

Grab a 3/16" bit and drill the neck just under the cap.

Step 5: Test Fit

Push the air rod in. It should be very snug!

Step 6: Mark

Mark the bottom of the air tube. Spin the tube around so you can hold the handle while you file.

Step 7: File

File a hole through the tube to let your media in. When you're done spin the tube back so the opening is at the bottom.

Step 8: Fit

Get the tube back into the hole.

Step 9: Seal

Not looking for the glue to actually stick here.

Just looking to prevent the hole from opening up too much while under pressure.

Step 10: Test Blast

Put your Saftey goggles and gloves on and give it a good blast. I shot at the rust on the drive way and removed a spot (the white part) in just a few seconds.

I will give you an update on the driveway once I have time to do some actual blasting on it.

Step 11: Real Deal

An old set of needle nose (rusty as hell...)

Step 12: Blast Away

Clean as a whistle!

Step 13: Extra Step

Because everyone keeps asking this is my air compressor a California Air Tools 10020c running at about 40 PSI for blasting.

I also use 20/40 crushed walnut for my media.

For PPE I use gloves, a P-100 respirator, long sleeves and a face shield. No excuses! Do not mess with your Safety!

Instagram: withered_perception

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Hi there,

I am interested to clean by sand blasting an aluminium motor and I wonder if your project can work with a small air compressor (used by my son for modelling). The details of this compressor are as follows: OUTPUT: 75W., VOLT: 220V., CYCLE: 50HZ., AMP: 06A., PHASE: 1 Φ., CLASS: E., POLE: 4P., R.P.M.: 1400., RISE: 50 DEGREES CELSIUS.


what kind of sand should be used here?

Why does the hole have to be in the bottom of the tube? Thinking about it, wouldn't you want it on the top so that gravity helps the media enter the tube?

Can I substitute a a dog for step 2?

in 1975 a Diesel mechanic show me an engine overhaul and that was one of the things he did - the less force you use the better preserved the items are

If points/Open-Close mechanisms or Screws stucks due to Rusting lie item in Brake fluid and it'll eat away the Rust with out too much damage

Made one today. Used it to clean hard to reach area on welding project - I used sand, it caused some slight pitting , but not an issue for my project. Great idea !!

What kind of air compressor are you hooking up to this? Sorry, my shop is only electric, but I'm considering shifting to air pressure tools.

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Because everyone is asking, I posted short a video of the blaster in action:

Impressive. Did you try to frost glass with this? Can you use quikrete sandbox sand as medium?

If you use any kind of concrete, I'd suggest you wear an OSHA VOC type respirator. That is some pretty fine particulate and it is extremely bad for lungs (cancer etc.)

I accidentally hi my finger using crushed walnut. I'm just glad it wasn't an abrasive. OMG it hurt pretty bad. Learned two lessons with this project. 1. Safety is important and 2. Not heeding number 1 is painful.

Dude! I made it!!! It is awesome. I only had 30 bucks on me so I bought the crushed walnut at HF. I was so excited to try it I forgot to put on eye protection. I was wearing prescription eyeglasses, but....DON'T use this without FULL eye protection. Trust me.

Can you use regular old sand in this instead of buying the expensive abrasives at HF?

also just a question where do u get crushed walnut media from