DIY Airbrush Spray Booth




Introduction: DIY Airbrush Spray Booth

A very powerful diy airbrush spray booth with 4 delta fans pc fans and two ultra kaze .The body is made from three plastic boxes that fit in to the other.If you have any ? feel free to ask :)

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    I signed up just because I had to comment on this video. I was certain that computer fans had nowhere near enough power to be effective, but I was proven wrong, I admit my faults!

    That said, this is by far, the most complex DIY spray booth I have seen. While I like a lot of the elements used in this setup, I sadly won't be replicating it in my booth, as either a fart fan or range hood exhaust seems like the easier method to created the negative pressure in the booth that is require for good removal/filtration. I will also probably use a plastic board to create the booth itself, less ghetto than old storage tubs, plus I am not restricted to the shape/size of the tub, which is a nice aspect to have control over.

    Very cool video, thanks for sharing it with us!



    Reply 4 years ago

    yes it is! in this case i bought them for that not for pc the middle ones have 250 cfm air flow.Normal pc fans have less :) But if you want to add filter even an active carbon one that is the way to go you need power to push air through. :) In total all together move 1000 - + cfm