DIY AquaPod Made From PPR Pipe




Introduction: DIY AquaPod Made From PPR Pipe

About: civil engineering student

This is made from PPR pipe (polypropylene).

I intend to use this for my SJcam action camera underwater

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Step 1: Materials

1) 1 length - 25mm diameter PPR pipe. Length depends on your preference. I ended up with 30cm long pipe which could fit on my scooter u-box.

2) 2 pcs - end cap of the same size

3) 1 pc - bolt which I salvage from broken monopod for smartphone

You may use bolt or screw from hardware but it should not be pointy.

4) Adapter which is included from my action camera

Step 2: Let's Bolt In

1) Drill one end cap on center so as the bolt could fit snugly. This is to avoid water ingress when your aquapod is used underwater.

2) Insert the bolt just the ideal length that the adapter will fit in. You may put sealant around the bolt to add more "water resistance".

3) Heat one end of the pipe at a time then place the end cap firmly. Do the same on the other tip.

I used stove to melt the tip of pipe a bit. If you have PPR fusion machine you may use it.

4) Place the adapter and you're good to go with your new aquapod.

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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Awesome, way better than buying them


    3 years ago

    cool ! i especially that it stays afloat. could add fins to orient the lens pointed up or down.