DIY Candy Jewelry, a Cool and Easy Gift Idea to Make Her Happy.





Introduction: DIY Candy Jewelry, a Cool and Easy Gift Idea to Make Her Happy.

New Year is over and it's time to loose some weight. Here's a little idea on how to use the candies you won't eat for the next few weeks. These original earrings and necklaces were Christmas presents for my sisters.

Step 1: What You Need

- Clear nail varnish
- Cheap jewels
- Hard candies
- Epoxy glue
- Stick (something to mix the glue)
- Wax paper

Step 2: Apply Varnish (many Times)

Apply a first layer of varnish on the candies. Let them dry on the wax paper during 30 minutes. Repeat 3 to 6 times until the layer is about 1mm thick. This process can take several hours... so do it while watching a movie.

Step 3: Make Some Epoxy Glue

Squeeze a little bit of glue from both syringe on a clean surface. The mix have to be 50-50 (the same quantity of both liquids).

Step 4: MIX

Use a stick to merge the epoxy mix. Make sure to have a uniform substance. If you have a 5 minutes epoxy, you will have to apply it fast because it will soon become very hard.

Step 5: Apply Epoxy

Use the tip of the stick to glue the candy to the original jewel. Some soft candies like Gummy Bears can be entirely covered with epoxy to protect them.

Step 6: Let Them DRY

You can pin the earrings into something soft, like a sponge, to let them dry. For bigger candies, use a piece of wax paper. Let everything dry for a night.

Step 7: Pack

Find a nice little box or make one. I won't tell you how to make a box...

Step 8: Give

Choose someone you love.



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    15 Discussions

    I wouldn't think so if they are well incased in the resin, I would think the resin would keep out any moisture and air. My mom used to do resin stuff, so I sort of know what it's like.

    Awesome!! I been wanting to know how to do this and what to use to make the candies last forever!!! <3

    I lov it and i am doing it right now YEAH they are super cute especially the mint pendant

    I love the mint pendant! So cute.

    Does it have to be epoxy glue used, or is super glue fine for this?

    this sounds so unbelievebly cool!!!!! i'll have to try it for christmas for all my friends! thanks for your wonderful instructable. : )

    Nice idea! I'll try make some neck pendants for my girlfriend!

    Errr, have you had any problems with ants? '-'
    They can "feel" sugar through hard substances, you know '-'

    2 replies

    No ants problem for the moment. I live in Canada and it's almost -20 degrees outside right now. Insects won't be a problem until an other few months. Maybe it could be a problem in warmer countries. ;)
    Thanks for the warning.

    cute!...usually women are crazy about these but now this something financilay cheap to make as a gift from him to her.....(that part concerns the male population) cause due to crisis we dont have money for expensive gifts..... saved my relationship! lol

    I wonder if you could have used some sort of sugar or food-based glaze instead of the epoxy as a sealant.

    1 reply