DIY Cassing Digital Clock Dot Matrix With Canal U Cable Instalation

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This project is to make cassing my clock dot matrix in my posting on this

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Step 1: What Do You Need ??

You just need canal U to instalation panel, use the Cup not canal U.

Step 2: Cut the Cap of Canal U

Use the Saw to cut this, on this project i used dimension 12 x 22 cm

Step 3: Cutting Edges 45 Degrees

cutting edges 45 degrees

Step 4: Retaining Elbow

cut to width canal U, cut into 2, used glue to make it strong..

Step 5: Finally This Project Is Like This

The Finnally, this project is like this. you can use Acrelic to infront and use wood in back of this box.

Step 6:

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