DIY Easy Way to Decorate a Vase Like Professional Look




Introduction: DIY Easy Way to Decorate a Vase Like Professional Look


Glazed vase,cotton cloth, scissor,glue,solution tape, cutter,clear lacquer ,

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Step 1: Select Vase and Cotton Cloth

  1. Take a glazed Vase.
  2. Take a piece of printed cotton cloth.
  3. Cut a pattern according to the vase size .
  4. Take 2 pattern for front and back.

Step 2: Pattern Pasting

  1. Use glue to paste the pattern .
  2. First pattern paste on front side .
  3. Both patterns should be paste with the help of glue.

Step 3: Stripe Pasting

  1. Take 2 stripe from cloth.
  2. Now paste them on vase.
  3. 1 stripe on top on vase..
  4. 2 stripe on bottom .
  5. Now take solution tape .
  6. Cut 2 or 3 mini stripe for the final touch.

Step 4: Use of Lacquer

  1. Spray clear lacquer on vase.
  2. It is necessary to preserve the cloth on vase.
  3. Now vase is ready for display

Step 5: Few Beautiful Pics of Vase

  1. Finally vase is ready.
  2. please check awesome pics .

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