DIY Elder Wand With LED

HARRY POTTER our " Magical " Hero.

Throughout my childhood I always used to wonder about the magical world. And that's the reason why I always liked Harry Potter movies so much. So here I will teach you to make something related to it - "The Elder Wand "

The Elder Wand is one of the fabled Deathly Hallows. In "The Tale of the Three Brothers" it was the first Hallow created by Death himself after the wizard requested, as his bounty, the most powerful wand in the history of wizardkind. According to legend, whoever reunited it with the other two Hallows (the Resurrection Stone and the Cloak of Invisibility) would become the Master of Death.

It is said to be the most powerful wand that has ever existed, able to perform feats of magic that would normally be considered impossible.

Step 1: Supplies....

For making the wand you require the following things :-

  • A piece of cardboard
  • Tape
  • A Pair of Scissors
  • A Pen (for marking)
  • Tape
  • A Blue LED Bulb
  • A Switch
  • 2 triple A battery (I have already soldered the switch and the battery)
  • Measuring scale
  • Some Paper

Step 2: Cutting and Rolling

Now cut the cardboard in this form (you can get the marking for this cut by rolling the cardboard on the pencil).

Now roll the cardboard on the pencil tightly to get a thin cylinder. Then stick the edges with tape .

Step 3: Making the Connections

Tape the LED according to the diameter of the cylinder so that it can be fixed on the top of the tube.

Then stick the LED on the top .(You must take care that the wires are longer than the tube.)

Step 4: Some More Connections .....

As I have already soldered the battery and the switch, I have to just tape it togeather. To give it support I have used some paper to roll around it .

Step 5: Sticking the Whole Thing

Now make the connections of the battery and the LED. Then stick the whole setup together . Roll some paper around it to give it some strength as well as to hide the battery and the switch.

Step 6: Covering With Paper

Make a mixture of glue and water with ratio 1:1 . Now dip some paper in the mixture and roll it around the stick equidistant to each other to make the bumps (bulged out spherical parts) of the wand such that the size goes on decreasing as we go to the top. After making those bumps , cover the whole stick with a single layer of paper.

Step 7: Making the Holes....

To make it look a complete replica of the Elder Wand , you need to make holes in the bumps. Making the hole is a bit tricky part as a pencil (or any other tool ) cannot be used to make the holes as it would require more pressure and could damage the stick. So to make holes without damaging the stick you can use a soldering iron. Although it makes our work easy but it should be done with caution . Remember that the soldering iron should not touch the battery as it can disturb the circuit as well as can cause some damage to the battery.

Step 8: Painting Starts....

Paint it silver. I chose silver colour because it helps in hiding the LED .

Step 9: Adding Details..

Now paint the holes in black colour . You can even use a black marker to make details on it . (like making lines or some other design )

Step 10: Completion

Now your Elder wand is ready to lighten up

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    4 Discussions


    2 years ago

    How do you change the batteries?

    1 reply
    Hardik LongakshiCAVM

    Reply 2 years ago

    To change the batteries you have to cut around the boundry of the switch and gently pull out the switch and the battery setup . But keep in mind that this can be done only when you have the connections of the battery and the LED near the switch. Although I would not recommend you to change the battery.