DIY: Gifts for Infants: TRASH TO TREASURE


Introduction: DIY: Gifts for Infants: TRASH TO TREASURE

Hi dear visitors of my page!

Today, I've decided to make some gifts for my neighbor's twin sons and have used some items that I have already had at home and made a fun game for the infants:) Please read the steps and watch the video, so you can make a similar toy for your own kids!

Step 1:

First step includes: Buying some small bottles that are filled either with juices or shakes (I've found these cute-looking Danimals shakes:) Then drink up the contents...

Step 2:

Then, find a soft ball or you may even make it from simple fabric and add some cotton inside). I have found this ball from my nephew's toy box:)

Step 3:

Put the emptied and washed and dried bottles together with the soft ball... and... Here we are! You have made a nice bowling set for your favorite kid / infant ! Congratulations, as you have saved some $15.00 for your family by using trash and turning it into a treasure :))

Step 4:

For better understanding, please watch my short video for this DIY! Have fun by making toys for your kids!



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    Love it--trash to treasure--that's my motto! Great 'ible :)

    1 reply

    Thank you dear! If you like up-cycling clutter, check out my YouTube channel and I have a very easy DIY for Spring/Easter/Summer Wreath from Toilet paper Cartons and Paper Towel Cartons (You will never believe I've used all the "future trash" and made it into a beautiful wreath)