DIY Marble Top Table




Introduction: DIY Marble Top Table

Marble is very popular right now and I was inspired to make my own piece of marble furniture for as little money as possible!

Step 1: Start With Old Furniture

I'm a sucker for refurbishing old pieces of furniture. This particular piece has been passed from a neighbor my sister babysat for, to my sister, to me, and it has been well loved!

Step 2: Sand and Paint

I lightly sanded my shelf so that the paint would stick. Mine has seen better days, and the particle board would have been ruined if I sanded too much, so I just did enough to give the table some texture for the paint to stick to. I gave it a few coats or white paint.

Step 3: Add Marble Contact Paper

For this step, it would be worlds easier to have a square or rectangular table. But I had a circle and I was determined. I started by measuring the radius of the table, cut a piece of string to that width, tied it to my exact-o knife, and used a "compass" method to cut the contact paper to size. I did fumble a bit and had to touch it up with scissors, but overall since it's going on a white surface, it doesn't need to be exactly perfect.

Step 4: Style!

Once I stuck the contact paper down and smoothed out the air bubbles, I added some cute accessories. The etched mason jar is a DIY and the diamond paper weight is so pretty and sparkly! I love how cute this turned out!

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    3 years ago

    Marble contact paper, smart idea, looks real. Very nice