DIY Portable Dremel Drill Press




Introduction: DIY Portable Dremel Drill Press

In this project 14 year-old Samson Fullmer will show and explain how to make a self-contained, portable Dremel drill press, sander and router.


  1. Pre-made wooden case with two latches, handle and piano hinge. Case size: 11.5"X15.5"X6" (W X L X D)
  2. 3/8" OSB
  3. 1/4" MDF
  4. 6"X3/8" Cedar Board
  5. 2X2X31" wood board.
  6. 3X1" Hinges (x2)
  7. Lid Support Hinges (L and R)
  8. Drawer Sliding Rails (L and R)
  9. Screw and Tee Nut
  10. Glue
  11. Assorted grabber screws
  12. 2" Springs
  13. 1" Springs
  14. Magnetic Strip
  15. Velcro
  16. Rubber or Felt Strips
  17. Hook Screws (x2)
  18. Small Portable Phillips Screwdriver (Optional)

Step 1: Prep Work

1. Sand and clean wooden case

2. Insert 3/8" OSB cut to size of case top to increase support. (total thickness=3/4")

3. Spread wood glue evenly inside lid top then insert OSB.

4. Clamp or weight OSB to insure adhesion

Step 2: Structural Support and Sliding Rails

1. Cut 2X2" supports the length of inside of case top.

2. One side of supports need to be cut at 45 degree angle to fit inside closing box.

3. Measure distance apart for supports and rails based on Cedar plank width.

4. Attach OSB to support rails based on distance measure in step 3 with glue and grabber screws with bevelled ends or supports on opposite side of OSB.

5. Measure, drill pilot holes and attach rails to supports. Rails should still slide free.

6. Glue then OSB and supports/rails centered vertically on case lid interior. Bevelled side of supports should be on lid side next to hinge.

7. Use grabbers to screw support rails to top and interior of case.

Step 3: Folding Dremel Support Preparation

1. Measure diameter of Dremel. (Ours is 2" just below switch)

2. Cut cedar plank to length of 6"

3. Find center of board then use compass to draw 2" diameter 1" from end of board.

4. Drill hole 2" in diameter at marked location.

5. Use band saw to round corners of cedar board.

6. Glue then clamp 1X3" support at square side of cedar board. Base of 1X3 and cedar plank must be even

7. Drill small hole for clamping screw at center of round end of cedar board

8. Insert screw with tee-nut inside circle.

9. Place rubber cover over exposed screw end.

Step 4: Attaching Self-returning Dremel Guide

1. Cut cedar plank length of drawer sliders

2. Drill pilot holes then screw board through 2" spring loop to sliders. Be certain to use washers on both sides of loop.

3. Drill pilot holes and insert hook screws.

4. Connect other side of 2" springs to hook screws.

Step 5: Hinge Installation

1. Attach locking lid hinge supports on inside of box lid and walls. Top of lid 6" from lid base. Bottom 1/2 inch from base and 3" from base back wall.

2. Install hinges on cedar side of square end of Dremel support. Use something to ensure that hinges DO NOT go beyond edge of board.

3. Screw other side of hinges to self-returning Dremel guide.

4. Drill pilot holes in Dremel support and self-returning Dremel guide just below hinge screws on guide and 1" into Dremel support brace.

5. Glue felt or rubber strips to inside of support hole.

Step 6: Organization

1. Cut MDF to depth and length of case interior base.

2. Cut tabs out of end to allow for springs and press hardware.

3. Glue and insert MDF panels 2.5" inside case with tabs in front allowing for storage and support for wood and other materials.

4. Use velcro to attach phillips screw driver to assist clamping Dremel.

5. Attach screw driver to case interior

6. Glue magnetic strip to interior of case to hold Dremel bits

7. Insert Dremel to Dremel support and turn screw clamping Dremel in place.

8. When completed remove Dremel and store conveniently in one of the dividers.

9. Fold up case, lock latches and walk away.

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    It's so cool. But I think you mudt fin a way to keep the working dirt out.


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    awesom! i voted!


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    Super cool!


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    Nice box. I'd like to build something like this.


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    That's a neat idea :)