DIY Speakers Out of Cardboard and Cups!



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Easy to do! It works great.

Btw sorry for not posting instructables lately ;)

Step 1: What You Need

1. A toilet paper roll.

2. 2 Cups

3. Scissors

4. A device that can play music through speakers

Step 2: Cutting Into Roll

I bent the paper roll to do a good center cut.

(Look at all images)

Step 3: Time to Put on Cups!

I used a pencil to mark where to cut. You can use a marker or anything

Step 4: Cutting!

I use a pencil to mark where to cut. I did what i did with the paper roll, i squeezed it and made a center cut.

And then just cut a circle.

Step 5: Done!

Sorry if its not detailed, comment below if you need help!

You may need to rotate the paper roller in order for it to stand without falling back/forward



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