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Introduction: X-ray Generator Contest Video

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DISCLAIMER!!!: This project can be EXTREMELY dangerous if you do not know what you are doing, in the case of this system, the x-rays are the least of the problem, however a flyback transformer can give you a nasty shock that could even kill you in some cases. The X-ray emissions from this project are not dangerous if you understand the physics of how x-rays are produced and what type they are. Regardless, use shielding. I am NOT responsible for any damages to people or property if you attempt this.

Now that that's aside,this is a video demonstrating my X-ray source that works quite well. It uses a high voltage triode driven by a flyback transformer driven by a traditional Mazilli ZVS circuit. You can see the schematic I used here https://www.instructables.com/id/ZVS-Driver/ The ZVS or zero voltage switching circuit is used to drive a flyback transformer from a television set, which the accelerates electrons inside of the triode. The electrons slam against the metal plate and release their energy in the form of an x-ray. It is not a point source, so don't expect to x-ray your friends. This project was built with the intention of producing x-rays with components I already had or wanted to build. This device fulfills its operating requirements as I do not need a high energy point source at the moment. Eventually I will buy a real x-ray tube and test it on this setup. This complete setup will be used in part with an x-ray intensifier and fluorescence spectrometer to measure light output from the screen.

For more projects and follow-ups on this project, see my blog at http://Spectrhz.wordpress.com

UPDATE: This particular video is one of a failure to produce x-rays, see my newest Instructable on why it failed, and how I made it produce x-rays.



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    Where can I find information about the 'flyback and ZVS circuit'? I am not familiar with the latter term, but your interesting video sort of expects me to be. Also, can you suggest a source for the lead shielding material that you use? I'm not sure where to find that sort of thing these days.


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    Hi, I built the zvs, or zero voltage switching driver, from https://www.instructables.com/id/ZVS-Driver/ and various schematics around the web. The Mazilli zvs driver is a very popular way to drive a flyback transformer to produce a High voltage. And I will admit the video wasn't produced with explanation in mind, I made this video for a forum originally, and reposted it here because I thought it was decently produced. Also as for lead shielding, I purchased mine from http://www.rotometals.com/Lead-Sheet-s/31.htm for 20 or so dollars. In this video however I was wearing a radiological lead jacket that a very generous person provided me with. 
    Thanks for the comment.


    I realize that the 'ible is not fully fleshed out, but those bits of info really help me.


    Interesting, but without schematics and drawings it is hard to reproduce hence of limited use other than for entertainment.

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    Thanks for the comment. I'm actually going to publish a more detailed set of instructions later, this was just a project video I did for the Eevblog forums. As for limited use, I am using it for testing light output of a fluorescent screen in a fluorescence spectrometer, so It does have a limited use in the case that I was building a piece of lab equipment that I needed, hence the contest.