DIY IPhone Case

About: Hi! I'm Sivan. I am the shop owner of SkylessClouds on Etsy.

The only phone case I have is a plain clear one for the 5c, and I wanted to get a new one, but then I realized that I could have a new case with materials I already have!

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Step 1: Studs

First, I bought stud flatbacks for a cheap price on Etsy, and hot-glued them onto the case.
NOTE: If you do this, TAKE THE CASE OFF OF THE IPHONE BEFORE GLUING! The last thing you want is to hurt your phone!

Step 2: Images

I wanted to buy a case with a cool design, but then I realized, I could just take a drawing or printout and put it inside the case! I saved loads of money.
Cut out spaces for the camera, headphones and other holes in the phone.

Step 3: Customize

You can also change the designs! If you always like buying new cases, give this a try! It will save you at least $30!

Step 4: Finished!

Now you can get "new" cases whenever you like in this super easy DIY project! Thanks for reading!!



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    4 Discussions


    5 years ago

    This is awesome I have an I phone 5S (well duh my username) and I had my otterbox defender ruined by a bratty second-grader so this is going to be a nice fun and easy case


    5 years ago

    Sure, as long as you have a clear case for it!


    5 years ago

    Thanks. Can this be used for IPhone 4S cases too?